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Formula & Ingredients

The majority of people using Viviscal have reported better hair conditions through the following stages:

A. Nourishment of hair follicles

B. Strengthening of existing hair

C. Increase in overall hair growth

D. Regrowth in halter hair regions

E. Stronger, thicker, and silkier hair

Results will vary from person to person, but in most cases, users state a satisfactory change for the better after around three months of consistent usage.

Customer Satisfaction

People seem to appreciate the online ordering experience. All the products are directly shipped from the US. The purchaser receives two e-mails: one of completion for the order and the initiation of processing. The second e-mail is received at the end of the processing. Shipping generally takes 7-10 business days, as per the company’s website. There’s also the ‘Rush Service’ option eligible to the Elite customers in which the shipping is generally done in 2-3 business days.

The products are available at online stores like Amazon. However, the products are not shipped to every corner of the world.

Lifes2Good offers a 90-day money-back return to customers not satisfied with the product. However, the purchase has to be made through their website to claim.